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Almost everyone is too busy these days. Balancing the demands of relationships, family, work, school, caregiving and a little time for yourself can be difficult. Balancing your personal and professional life is important. Advice on managing time and stress can help.

Take Control of Your Work - Life Balance

Improve your well-being by balancing all the important parts of your life at home, social and family relationships, work, finances, fitness, community and more. We are also a great resource when you are facing a major life change, such as marriage, divorce, parenthood, relocation, retirement.

We provide not only advice, but licensed search tools and databases to bring you qualified resources in your area. If you have our WorkLife Services, you have a staff of experienced specialists waiting to research and verify resources for personal services, child or elder care, home maintenance, travel and entertainment, gifts and more. What a time saver! gives members and their families the assistance needed to achieve the balance.

Accessing Content

  • Start in the "Education, Work & Career" tab. Select the "Balancing Work & Life" center.
  • Check the "Life, Family & Relationships" tab for specific support with relationships, parenting, eldercare and caregiving in general.
  • Try the "Stress" center in the "Health & Well-Being" tab.
  • Use the "Experiencing a Life Change?" tool in the "Quick Links: box.
  • Call our Support phone number to talk with our specialists for personal support.

Services Included in Your Benefit

Benefit programs vary but all include a wide variety of services and information. You need to check your coverage. Depending on your coverage, WorkLife benefits and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits can combine to provide:

WorkLife Services:

  • Work & Career support — Includes career management, organization, leadership, conflict resolution, overcoming procrastination, time management and business travel.

  • Child/Parenting support services — Includes verified resources and referrals for childcare, parenting, non-traditional families, pregnancy, pets, communication, teen issues and activities.

  • Life Learning support services — Includes resources and referrals for college selection, career consulting, school issues, special education resources, adult education classes and lectures.

  • Adult/Elder Support Services — Includes resources and referrals for caregiving, retirement, housing concerns, grief and loss and disaster support.

Non-Clinical Services:

  • Legal Counseling Services — Includes free telephonic consultation and discounted rates for ongoing services by a national network of over 22,000 attorneys.

  • Expert Financial Consulting — Includes free telephonic consulting and referrals by qualified and experienced financial consultants.

  • Mediation Services — Includes referrals to a nationwide network of trained mediators who offer services at a discounted rate.

  • Connections to Community Support — Includes referrals to community resources, such as twelve-step groups and community mental health agencies.

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